The Impact School of Architecture envisions itself as an institution working at the cutting-edge of modern architectural thought and its various approaches to produce rich and diverse designs, concepts and creative expressions that contribute to the ongoing advancement  of architecture while having a basic concern for human and ecological welfare.

In keeping with this vision, the school has the objective of upgrading the current undergraduate program offering to provide postgraduate studies for the advancement of research and innovative design practices in architecture, in a time span of 5 years.

The Impact School of Architecture was established to advance scholarship and practise architecture through a professional approach to education. It is charged with the mission of developing human capital in architecture with an interdisciplinary orientation. It offers a confluence of relevant knowledge areas bearing upon a problem of interest and strives to create generalist architects who are not only professionals fired by the passion to excel in their fields, but are also contributing members of society who deeply engage the world in the wider social context.

Core Values
● We believe in educating students so that they are able to contribute through original ideas and projects in the ongoing architectural evolution of the world
● We believe in discovery of new knowledge through innovative research that encourages entrepreneurship and economic development to benefit the nation and society
●We believe in inclusiveness and collaboration across diverse races, religions and societies
●We teach and follow ethical and environmentally responsible architectural practices
●We believe in developing leadership, cooperation, collegiality and respect for human dignity in a culture of peace.